The “magical” approach that gets you good leads

Yes, there’s a “magical” approach that gets your practice good leads.

What does that approach look like?

Well, let’s start out with an understanding of what “getting highly-qualified leads for your small law practice” would NOT look like:

– It should not take months or years to pay off
– It should not require you to redesign your entire website
– It should not feel like a huge waste of time
– It should not force you to waste hours talking to folks who will never retain you

An approach that avoids those things does exist and it does work.

In this post, I’ll tell you exactly what that approach is and explain how this approach works.


The Itty-Bitty, Teeny-Tiny Mistake That Will Destroy Your Practice

There’s one itty bitty mistake that can destroy your ability to use Google AdWords profitably for your practice:


Your “landing page” is the web page that your visitors will “land” on after they click your ad.

Your landing page is vital! If you talk about something irrelevant on your landing page, nobody will read it. And it doesn’t matter how well written your page is if nobody will read it…

Let me give you some examples of BAD landing pages. (These are real examples currently being used right now.)


Do You Know What “TTT” Stands For?

I thought I was in-the-know, but recently I had to look up what “TTT” meant.

Apparently, TTT stands for “Third-Tier Toilet”. It’s a “pejorative term for law schools that are not prestigious,” according to the ever-more-cited Urban Dictionary.

“TTT” is a funny concept, until you start reading blogs created by TTT grads that can’t find BigLaw jobs. Then it’s just very sad.

Oddly, folks who attend TTTs seem to be relatively oblivious that they are going to a TTT until they apply for jobs, and reality smacks ‘em in the face.

It makes me want to redefine TTT. I would still have TTT stand for “Third-Tier Toilet”, but I’d make TTT mean “anything that you delude yourself into thinking is awesome, until reality gets in the way.”

That way, anything can be TTT. Continue…

Is 3L Really 3LOL?

3L is a joke. But is it really 3LOL?

3LOL is a funny name for the joke that 3L has become at schools that don’t enforce the ABA attendance policy.

Googling “3LOL” finds some choice quotes from 3Ls about 3LOL: Continue…

Going The Pro Se Way

When defendants decide to “go pro se”, most lawyers cringe.

It seems like pro se defendants sometimes just hate lawyers. Or they don’t trust ‘em. Of course, sometimes, they just don’t have the money…

But it’s hard to argue a case when you don’t understand what case law is, or even where to sit in the courtroom.

Even after law school, rookie lawyers make basic mistakes. So rookie pro se defendants often make spectacular mistakes.

Pro se marketing is pretty much the same deal. Lawyers who also manage their own Google AdWords campaigns often make spectacular mistakes. Continue…

The New Free Social Network That Can Generate A HUGE Number Of Leads For Your Practice

OMG, guys…

I have to tell you about a new free social network that can generate a HUGE number of leads for your practice.

It’s better than Instagram, because you’re more than just looking at each other’s photos…

It’s better than Facebook, because it lets you do more than “like” each others’ posts.

It’s better than Twitter, because you can actually SPEAK to your prospect…

So, what’s this new social network?


8 Marketing Mistakes That Keep Lawyers Broke As A Joke

If you want to grow your practice, you need new clients.

And to get new clients these days, you have to advertise online. Sadly, law school teaches students more about civil procedure than it does about creating effective online ad campaigns.

So it’s no wonder that lots of lawyers make marketing mistakes. Happily, if you can avoid these mistakes, you can generate lots of leads and lots of profits.

Here are eight common mistakes I’ve seen that can keep lawyers “broke as a joke”…


Stop Obsessing About Redesigning Your Website

If you talk to attorneys about online marketing, and they all say the same thing:

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to re-design my website for a while now. Can you do that for me first?”

Look, I understand the urge… I get why you want to redesign your website. Maybe it looks a little dated. Or maybe it doesn’t work on smartphones as well as you’d like…

But, ummmm, unless your website is more than a decade old, redesigning your entire website is a terrible idea.

Why? Continue…