The New Free Social Network That Can Generate A HUGE Number Of Leads For Your Practice

OMG, guys…

I have to tell you about a new free social network that can generate a HUGE number of leads for your practice.

It’s better than Instagram, because you’re more than just looking at each other’s photos…

It’s better than Facebook, because it lets you do more than “like” each others’ posts.

It’s better than Twitter, because you can actually SPEAK to your prospect…

So, what’s this new social network?

It’s your phone number.

I know what you’re thinking: “haha, wise guy, the phone isn’t a newfangled social network.” And you’re right…

That’s because when you compare phones with social networks, it turns out that phones are WAY BETTER.

Take your website. Many lawyer websites prominently link to Twitter feeds or Facebook pages… But that’s a foolish distraction from what you want, which is for people to contact you. What happens is that visitors who click over to your social media profile, scan it, and then forget what they were doing…

Now consider your phone number. If you prominently display your phone number on your website, customers will pick up their phone and call you. And that’s exactly what you want to happen. No distractions there!

In fact, prospects who call you are usually “warmer” than prospects who fill out a web form. That’s because Ms. Warm (who needs a lawyer STAT) wants the instant gratification of talking to somebody right now (or at least scheduling an appointment). Meanwhile, Mr. Lukewarm (who wants to maybe retain a lawyer one of these days) doesn’t mind filling out a web form and waiting a bit.

There’s even a way that you can enable “click to call” on your site, so that visitors can call you from their smartphones with one touch.

If you do it right, phone calls represent 60-70% of all leads. That means that only 30-40% of leads will fill out a web form.

If you do it wrong, you don’t even put your phone number on the page visitors “land” on from your Google ad, so you instantly lose 60-70% of the leads you could have gotten.

Many lawyers are shocked by these percentages, because they don’t have a way of “counting” how many phone calls they get. (It’s easy to set up a system of forwarding phone numbers that give you this ability, but few lawyers do it.)

If you’re advertising on Google, you definitely need to be tracking these calls, so you know exactly which ads generate leads (whether they’re phone calls or web leads). Once you keep the good ads (and shut off the bad ads), you’re be generating way more leads for the same ad budget. 

If you want to strategize about how prominently featuring your phone number on your site can triple your leads (or about how to set up forwarding numbers to track phone calls), then schedule some time with me here:

Bob Hiler