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All Bankruptcy Law Success Podcast Episodes

  1. Jarred Henline in Lehi, Utah, who 7x’ed his bankruptcy practice with $0 down bifurcated Chapter 7s (and a little marketing).

  2. The USTP has finally blessed bifurcation in its June 2022 memo! Read a detailed breakdown of each of the 14 positions outlined by the USTP in this bombshell memo.

  3. This is the second part of our episode about whether bifurcated Chapter 7s are legal. This is part 2 of our 2-part series.

  4. If you’ve ever wondered in bifurcated Chapter 7s are legal, this is the episode for you. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

  5. Why the the first step to bankruptcy success is offering a true $0 down bifurcated Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  6. Jake Parent, who created an “irresistible” bankruptcy sales script that converts 90%+ of eligible prospects to become retained clients.

  7. Don Golden in Brandon, Florida, who dominates his local Google “map pack” and files about 40 bankruptcies a month with some-money-down Chapter 7s.

  8. Dan Garrison of Fresh Start Funding, a bankruptcy attorney who co-founded Fresh Start Funding to help other attorneys offer zero-down Chapter 7s.

  9. Steven Skelton in Everett, Washington, a trained salesperson who answers the phone for bankruptcy attorneys who happens to believe that having receptionists pick up the phone means you’re throwing money out the window.

  10. Michael Hoverson of Minneapolis, who learned how to profit from slaying the “zombie debts” that bankruptcy doesn’t even try to kill.

  11. Mike Ziegler of Clearwater, Florida, a bankruptcy attorney who learned how to litigate lucrative consumer plaintiffs’ claims based on an “alphabet soup” of FCRA, FDCPA, and TCPA violations.

  12. Michael Jaafar of Detroit, who found a simple method that any bankruptcy lawyer can use to easily double their bankruptcy revenues by leveraging the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  13. David Stidham of Utah, who founded BK Billing which sounds like a boring company but actually enables “$0 down Chapter 7s” (which could triple your filings in a heartbeat.)

  14. Austin Smith of New York City, who has blazed a trail for discharging student loans that other bankruptcy lawyers can follow.

  15. Christie Arkovich of Tampa, who pivoted from a shrinking bankruptcy market to a booming market for student loan lawyers.

  16. Michael Jaafar of Detroit, who possibly found bankruptcy’s Holy Grail by figuring out how to discharge most private student loans in bankruptcy.

  17. Bob Weed of Northern Virginia, who grew his bankruptcy practice despite Google chopping his search traffic in half, and also happens to have been my client for the last year.

  18. Marcos Oliva of Rio Grande Valley, who grew his bankruptcy practice to 16 staff by acquiring his competitors for no money down.

  19. Matt Herron of Pittsburgh, who mastered the “minimum retainer” strategy to build a bankruptcy practice that cares about people.

  20. Jonathan Ginsberg of Atlanta, who built his bankruptcy practice using every marketing technique imaginable.

  21. Errin Stowell of Overland Park, Kansas, who found a way to get 50+ phone calls a week using judgment notices, his kids, and a few stamps.