The “magical” approach that gets you good leads

Yes, there’s a “magical” approach that gets your practice good leads.

What does that approach look like?

Well, let’s start out with an understanding of what “getting highly-qualified leads for your small law practice” would NOT look like:

– It should not take months or years to pay off
– It should not require you to redesign your entire website
– It should not feel like a huge waste of time
– It should not force you to waste hours talking to folks who will never retain you

An approach that avoids those things does exist and it does work.

In this post, I’ll tell you exactly what that approach is and explain how this approach works.

But first, a word of warning. You’ve already heard of this approach. You may have even tried it. One of your friends has definitely tried it, and the approach didn’t work for them.

Happily, when you do the approach right, you get leads for your practice quickly and easily:

– You get your first lead in a day or two
– You only have to add a page or two to your website
– You can skip writing a single blog post, tweet, or Facebook post
– You only talk to highly-qualified leads

OK, so here’s the core idea…

The seemingly-magic approach is to use Google AdWords to drive qualified prospects to a new page on your site. This page will convince those prospects that they can solve their problem by calling you or filling out your contact form for you to call them.

That’s it.

Google AdWords is  the “backbone” of a good campaign for a small modern law practice. You can still do other marketing things “around” the backbone.

But the backbone is Google AdWords.

So if AdWords works so well, why do some lawyers diss AdWords for being too expensive and too complicated?

Often, lawyers (or the folks they hire) have only themselves to blame, because they made a few basic mistakes. These aren’t small mistakes like misspelling “bankruptcy.” These are big mistakes, like talking about Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies without explaining how this affects regular folks who didn’t go to law school. Or talking about the Law Offices of So-and-so, instead of how you can make creditors stop calling them every day.

Happily, whether big or small, these basic mistakes are easy to fix. If you’d like somebody to help you fix them, schedule some time with me here:

Bob Hiler