Stop Obsessing About Redesigning Your Website

If you talk to attorneys about online marketing, and they all say the same thing:

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to re-design my website for a while now. Can you do that for me first?”

Look, I understand the urgeā€¦ I get why you want to redesign your website. Maybe it looks a little dated. Or maybe it doesn’t work on smartphones as well as you’d like…

But, ummmm, unless your website is more than a decade old, redesigning your entire website is a terrible idea.


Because what you need most is new clients. And redesigning your entire site isn’t the most efficient way to get new clients.

Let me explain with a metaphor…

Imagine you work in a giant mansion with 100+ rooms. That mansion is like your website, which has 100+ pages. Redesigning your website is like redecorating your entire mansion. Redoing either would be a LOT of work.

But you DO need a place to meet with new prospects. If you can’t meet prospects in your mansion, where do you meet them?

What you do instead is you build a one-room shack somewhere on the property. Actually, I shouldn’t have called it a “shack”, because you’re actually building a cozy one-room cabin that looks amazing.

Now if all you need is a place to meet with new prospects, which is more cost-effective? Redesigning your entire website/mansion with 100 rooms? Or building a small private cabin with one room?

In other words, you have two choices:

1. If you want to spend $20k and waste six months redesigning your 100-room mansion, you can go to Craigslist and find a random designer to take your money.

2. If you want clients NOW, you can spend a fraction of that to have me create a one-room cabin for you. I’ll buy ads for you that send a steady stream of visitors to your cozy cabin, where they’ll be convinced to to call you and become your client.

If you choose the second option, schedule a strategy session with me here:

Bob Hiler