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The Zero-Down Bankruptcy Revolution

How I learned to triple bankruptcy lawyers' retainers  

Bob Hiler

by Bob Hiler, host of the Bankruptcy Law Success podcast and author of The Zero-Down Bankruptcy Revolution poyo podur text in this area

Hello, my name is Bob Hiler, and welcome to the zero-down bankruptcy revolution!

A few years ago, I decided to specialize in helping bankruptcy attorneys grow their practices. I learned that traditional approaches to marketing bankruptcy were helpful, but they weren’t transformational. I saw firsthand why so many bankruptcy lawyers struggle to make money.

I decided to interview successful bankruptcy attorneys to learn their secrets. I recorded these interviews and turned them into a podcast called Bankruptcy Law Success. Very quickly, I realized that the bankruptcy attorneys that offered zero-down Chapter 7s were incredibly successful.

I started helping my clients offer zero-down Chapter 7s, and they’re seeing the same success. My clients routinely triple their filings in a single month.

I help my clients in two ways. First, I help them start offering zero-down bifurcated Chapter 7s, if they’re not already offering them. And second, I help them start to market those zero-downs with Google Ads so that they can get more leads and hence more retainers.

The results have been extraordinary. My clients have found that for every $1 they invest in Google Ads, they earn back $10 to $30 back in retainers! 

Plus, my clients tell me that they get those retainers very quickly, often within days or weeks of the lead calling to inquire. So this system doesn’t require months of waiting for a payoff.

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