Do You Know What “TTT” Stands For?

I thought I was in-the-know, but recently I had to look up what “TTT” meant.

Apparently, TTT stands for “Third-Tier Toilet”. It’s a “pejorative term for law schools that are not prestigious,” according to the ever-more-cited Urban Dictionary.

“TTT” is a funny concept, until you start reading blogs created by TTT grads that can’t find BigLaw jobs. Then it’s just very sad.

Oddly, folks who attend TTTs seem to be relatively oblivious that they are going to a TTT until they apply for jobs, and reality smacks ‘em in the face.

It makes me want to redefine TTT. I would still have TTT stand for “Third-Tier Toilet”, but I’d make TTT mean “anything that you delude yourself into thinking is awesome, until reality gets in the way.”

That way, anything can be TTT.

Including TTT ads.

In fact, there are a lot of lawyers out there who think their TTT ads are awesome. Even though their TTT ads are boring and don’t generate actual leads.

A lot of these TTT ads used to be displayed on the “right sidebar” of Google. Sure, those sidebar ads get waaay fewer clicks than ads on the top of the page, but since there’s less competition, even TTT ads had a chance of getting a click.

But reality gets in the way of many delusions, and TTT ads aren’t immune to reality any more than TTT law schools.

In fact, in February, Google stopped showing ads in the “right sidebar” for most legal searches done on a computer. All those low-competition right sidebar ads are now… gonzo. The only thing remaining are the high-competition top ads.

That means that TTT ads don’t even have a chance at getting leads.

Jeez, that’s reality for ya, always willing to smack our delusions in the face…

If you’re ads are generating highly-qualified and affordable leads for you, that’s great. You can stop reading.

Everybody else, you may be suffering from a Third-Tier Toilet ad…

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Bob Hiler