Is 3L Really 3LOL?

3L is a joke. But is it really 3LOL?

3LOL is a funny name for the joke that 3L has become at schools that don’t enforce the ABA attendance policy.

Googling “3LOL” finds some choice quotes from 3Ls about 3LOL:

  • “Second day of classes and I am already skipping. It is legal ethics though. It’s not as though I will need that crap.”
  • “Have not read once, not for a single class. Probably have drank 4 nights a week. Good times.”
  • “Why are 3Ls taking classes that don’t start with “Law &…”?”

Now, I’m not against 3Ls taking pass/fail classes and enjoying their 3L year…

But it’s a real shame that 3Ls are taking classes like “Law, Psychology, and Morality: An Exploration Through Film” (that’s an actual class taught at Harvard Law School).

I’m biased, but I think every 3L should take a class like “Law, Google, and Getting Leads: An Exploration Of How To Not Go Out of Business.”

Here’s how I’d teach the course.

First, I’d give each 3L a few grand to fund a real Google AdWords account. Tuition is around $60k these days, so the dean should have the budget…

Next, I’d pair each 3L partner up with a real local law firm. The 3L would find out what practice area each law firm most wants leads in.

Then, I’d teach each 3L how to write a Google ad that gets folks to click on them.

Then, I’d show my 3Ls how to write a special page about how hiring the lawyer will benefit the client. We’d link that page to the ad so that visitors “land” on it after clicking.

I’d show them a good design that’s proven to get people to fill out a web form AND gets them to call (including how to make a design that works on desktop and mobile).

I’d also them how to set their ad auction bids, set up campaigns, separate search and display ad campaigns, separate desktop and mobile campaigns, and how to geo-target for the lawyer’s location. And we’d actually generate leads for that local lawyer.

Now, this class might be hard, but being able to use Google AdWords to generate leads is no longer an elective course.

It’s part of the core curriculum.

If you never got a chance to take this course, and you still want to generate leads for your solo or small practice, you have another option. You can hire an expert to do it for you.

If you want to talk to an expert, schedule a “strategy session” with me here:

Bob Hiler