1. Rain Man is a great movie. It’s also where I first learned about card counting, which has a lesson in it that applies to Google ads… The lesson comes when Tom Cruise’s Charlie explains to Dustin Hoffman’s Raymond that “When there’s lots of 10’s left, 10’s and picture cards, then it’s good for us.” Accordingly, […]
  2. OK, so today we’re gonna pick up where we left off yesterday, and talk a little more smack about Yodle.com. Even if you don’t use Yodle, once you understand how this sneaky trick works, you’ll  understand better what you should be doing instead. As I understand it, the trick is that Yodle essentially “takes credit” […]
  3. OK, today I want to talk smack about a competitor. Actually, I don’t want to “talk smack.” In fact, I’m worried that I’ll look like a jerk. So what I’d like to do is report the facts of my competitor’s approach, tell you why I think that approach is wrong, and explain what you should […]
  4. Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d be talking to my family lawyers out there. So let’s dive in… Louis C.K. has a funny take on divorce. He’s a hilarious comedian, who also happens to be a divorced dad with two kids. This is what he says: “Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s […]
  5. I help bankruptcy and family lawyers get new clients with Google ads. Today, I’m going to talk to my bankruptcy lawyers out there… (If you’re a family lawyer, stay tuned tomorrow.) OK, so bankruptcy lawyers, I want you to think about the sad sack cases you’ve seen. I’m talking about the folks come into your […]
  6. A lot of lawyers must be frustrated artists… Because every lawyer seems to have excruciatingly specific thoughts on exactly how their website needs to look. Show a lawyer a website mockup, and the feedback will always start with “OK, this is almost there.” After that, the deluge… “OK, so let’s move the logo ten pixels […]
  7. Reading Liar’s Poker in college changed my life. The book was supposed to be “an unflattering portrayal of Wall Street.” And it was. But college-me thought his book made Wall Street sound like a lot of fun! Maybe that’s why I spent five years on Wall Street… In the book, Michael Lewis joins Salomon Brothers […]
  8. Have you seen that video on Youtube with the “invisible gorilla”? It’s one of those trick psychology videos that blow you away… In the video, there are six kids with two basketballs. Three of the kids are wearing white shirts, and three of the kids are wearing black shirts. The video asks you to count […]
  9. Do you remember that movie Face/Off from the late ’90s? It’s the one where Nicholas Cage plays a terrorist, and John Travolta plays an FBI agent. To foil a dastardly plot, the FBI agent has the bright idea to do a “face transplant” so he “wears” the face of the terrorist. Of course, the terrorist […]
  10. So I saw one of the X-Men films this weekend, and it reminded me of how much I love Professor X. When I was a kid, I thought Professor X was the coolest. Sure, Wolverine had claws and could heal super fast, but Professor X could read minds. If you could read Wolverine’s mind from […]
  11. Yes, there’s a “magical” approach that gets your practice good leads. What does that approach look like? Well, let’s start out with an understanding of what “getting highly-qualified leads for your small law practice” would NOT look like: – It should not take months or years to pay off – It should not require you […]
  12. There’s one itty bitty mistake that can destroy your ability to use Google AdWords profitably for your practice: YOUR LANDING PAGE Your “landing page” is the web page that your visitors will “land” on after they click your ad. Your landing page is vital! If you talk about something irrelevant on your landing page, nobody […]
  13. I thought I was in-the-know, but recently I had to look up what “TTT” meant. Apparently, TTT stands for “Third-Tier Toilet”. It’s a “pejorative term for law schools that are not prestigious,” according to the ever-more-cited Urban Dictionary. “TTT” is a funny concept, until you start reading blogs created by TTT grads that can’t find […]
  14. 3L is a joke. But is it really 3LOL? 3LOL is a funny name for the joke that 3L has become at schools that don’t enforce the ABA attendance policy. Googling “3LOL” finds some choice quotes from 3Ls about 3LOL:
  15. When defendants decide to “go pro se”, most lawyers cringe. It seems like pro se defendants sometimes just hate lawyers. Or they don’t trust ‘em. Of course, sometimes, they just don’t have the money… But it’s hard to argue a case when you don’t understand what case law is, or even where to sit in […]
  16. OMG, guys… I have to tell you about a new free social network that can generate a HUGE number of leads for your practice. It’s better than Instagram, because you’re more than just looking at each other’s photos… It’s better than Facebook, because it lets you do more than “like” each others’ posts. It’s better […]
  17. If you want to grow your practice, you need new clients. And to get new clients these days, you have to advertise online. Sadly, law school teaches students more about civil procedure than it does about creating effective online ad campaigns. So it’s no wonder that lots of lawyers make marketing mistakes. Happily, if you […]
  18. If you talk to attorneys about online marketing, and they all say the same thing: “Actually, I’ve been meaning to re-design my website for a while now. Can you do that for me first?” Look, I understand the urge… I get why you want to redesign your website. Maybe it looks a little dated. Or […]
  19. If you’re not watching it, I highly recommend the Ash vs Evil Dead series on Showtime. I’m usually not up for horror, but Ash vs Evil Dead is a hilarious blend of comedy and horror. The likable-but-idiotic Ash also has something to teach us about marketing. First, let me tell me you the bit I’m talking about.
  20. At one point, John Grisham had convinced me that every lawyer wanted to “make a quick fortune and run away from the legal profession”. That’s because each Grisham novel starred a lawyer doing cool things, until… the main character stole a fortune and ran away to a tropical paradise.
  21. I read the other day that they’re going to be making Top Gun 2. I’m half excited that both Maverick and Iceman have committed to the movie, and half scared that they’ll make a lame sequel. Anyway, this news got me thinking about Top Gun again, and those amazing dogfights where the pilots all tried […]
  22. I have a confession. When lawyers shows me their existing Google Ad campaigns, I often have to smother a gasp. That’s because I’ll instantly notice some major “red flags” indicating that the ad campaign is ruining that lawyer’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of their legal happiness. Without further ado, here’s a short list of […]
  23. I’m always amazed how simply measuring something leads to improving it. Take the time that I wanted to lose some weight… I took a piece of paper and taped it to my front door. I then weighed myself every morning and wrote my weight down on that piece of paper. I live in a NYC […]
  24. One of the best ways to increase conversions on your landing page is to convert features into benefits. Indeed, customers buying drills aren’t buying features like 1/2″ drill bits. What they really want is the benefit of making perfect 1/2″ holes easily. This makes sense to me, so I understand why many marketers say to […]
  25. Guarantees work. A third-party provider of guarantee seals did split tests that showed that its guarantees help clients increase conversion rates by 6.0%, 7.6%, 9.9% and 11.3%. Impressive results! Customers love them, especially unconditional money-back guarantees. That’s why guarantees boost sales. But sometimes, your product requires your customers to (gasp!) make an effort in order […]
  26. Many testimonials just aren’t credible. I’ve seen testimonials that use stock photos for pictures. I’ve seen testimonials attributed to a vague “customer in Texas”. I’ve seen testimonials that attribute quotes to a company whose URL has expired. It’s as if landing page authors forget that testimonials add credibility to a product’s claims only when the […]
  27. Unconditional guarantees are everywhere. 30-day return guarantees. There are 100% satisfaction guarantees. Even 200% satisfaction guarantees! Whatever name it goes by, an unconditional guarantee lets the buyer return a product or service for any reason and still get a “prompt and courteous refund” (or more). Unconditional guarantees do improve conversions. They reduce risk for prospects, […]
  28. Testimonials increase sales. But don’t take my word for it: Chris had big results even with “sober” testimonials “Testimonials increased sales by 34%” It’s commonly thought that social proof can help in the sales process, so we wanted to leave nothing to chance and test it. Testimonials increased sales by 34%. The testimonials we used […]