“Make a quick fortune and run away from the legal profession”?

At one point, John Grisham had convinced me that every lawyer wanted to “make a quick fortune and run away from the legal profession”.

That’s because each Grisham novel starred a lawyer doing cool things, until… the main character stole a fortune and ran away to a tropical paradise.

In The Firm, Tom Cruise’s character steals a bunch of money from his mobster-controlled law firm and… flees to the sunny Cayman Islands.

In The Pelican Brief, Julia Robert’s character exposes the evil assassination of two Supreme Court Justices and… flees to a sunny Caribbean island.

There was another book, The Partner, where the main guy steals a bunch of money from his crooked law firm, and… flees to sunny Brazil.

From the blurbs on his books, I knew that John Grisham had been a practicing lawyer. Maybe he didn’t like practicing so much that he started having these weird “quit the biz” fantasies… And that these fantasies were so powerful he put them in all his books?

Anyway, I just did some googling, and I found that John practiced criminal law for ten years. When asked about these fantasies, here’s what he said:

“I wanted to run away from the law. … My desire was to make a quick fortune (a typical lawyer’s dream) and run away from the profession.”

Wow, is that really a “typical lawyer’s dream”?


Well, I guess I can’t help with the “run away from the law” part. But if you want help making a fortune in your practice, it sure would help to get a steady stream of good quality clients… And that I CAN help with!

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