Bankruptcy Lawyers, Want To Avoid An Annus Horribilis?

I help bankruptcy and family lawyers get new clients with Google ads.

Today, I’m going to talk to my bankruptcy lawyers out there…

(If you’re a family lawyer, stay tuned tomorrow.)

OK, so bankruptcy lawyers, I want you to think about the sad sack cases you’ve seen. I’m talking about the folks come into your bankruptcy law office who should have declared bankruptcy a long time ago.

These are people that suffered some setback, and instead of declaring bankruptcy in a timely fashion, they tried to tough it out.

You’ve seen what happens next, right?

First, their wages are garnished…

Then, they raid their retirement plan to delay a collections effort…

Then, they lose their car to repossession…

And they lose their house to foreclosure…

And only then do they come to a bankruptcy lawyer like you.

Don’t you just want to blurt out to them: “Why didn’t you call me a year ago? I could have lifted that garnishment, help you keep your retirement plan, and saved your car and your house too!”

Plus, it’s not just that this person lost their wages, retirement plan, car and their house. They’ve also lost a year of potential happiness, and replaced it with an annus horribilis of pain and misery.

It’s weird, but people seem to suffer from a problem for years and years, even when there’s help out there.

The ironic thing is that bankruptcy lawyers are just as guilty of ignoring their own problems.

For instance, most bankruptcy lawyers have a marketing problem. But instead of trying to solve it directly, they try to tough it out.

First, they wait for the SEO on their web site to slowly build up.

Then, they realize they lost the SEO game to somebody who started playing ten years ago.

Then, they try to break new marketing group and buy some ads on Snapchat or some other newfangled thing.

And only then, after a few wasted years, do they come to a marketing expert like me.

It’s odd how it’s the exact same situation.

Anyway, just as you (a skilled bankruptcy lawyer) can help a client with a great solution called a federal bankruptcy, I (a skilled marketing expert) can help you with a great solution that gets your phone ringing within 48 hours.

It’s a pretty good feeling helping people with a problem, isn’t it?

If you want help with your problem of marketing your bankruptcy practice (or just want more success with your marketing), schedule some time with me here:

-Bob Hiler