Professor X’s Marketing Secret for Lawyers

So I saw one of the X-Men films this weekend, and it reminded me of how much I love Professor X.

When I was a kid, I thought Professor X was the coolest. Sure, Wolverine had claws and could heal super fast, but Professor X could read minds.

If you could read Wolverine’s mind from ten miles away, you’d never have to fight him. If Wolverine was mad, Professor X could just ride his floating wheelchair to the other side of town until Wolverine leaves…

And if Wolverine just wanted to chat, Professor X could just wait in his office and he knew just what to say to Wolverine to help him with his latest drama.

Yep, reading minds is pretty sweet. And mind-reading is the Professor X marketing secret I want to tell you about today.

See, before prospects click your Google ad, they’ll do a search. And the keywords they use in that search allow you to read your prospects’ minds.

Imagine picking up the phone, and before the prospect is connected, a computer voice whispers “best chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney” into your ear. At that point, you’re Professor X and can read your prospect’s mind and know exactly what he wants from his bankruptcy attorney.

Or maybe the computer voice whispers “cheapest chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.” You’d know you should mention your cheap no-asset flat-fee chapter 7 option…

I know this sounds like a comic book superpower, but it’s actually very possible for a mild-mannered bankruptcy lawyer like you to acquire this mind-reading superpower.

You just need your AdWords guy to wire up your AdWords setup properly. And then every phone call you get from AdWords will “whisper” your prospects’ secret desires into your ear.

Isn’t that amazing?

But most “AdWords guys” don’t even know this superpower exists. And although it’s very easy for you to take advantage of (you just pick up your phone), wiring up an AdWords setup like this is complicated.

Happily, I know how to set this up, and it’s just  one of the services I include as part of my system to generate high-quality leads for bankruptcy lawyers.

If you want to acquire this Professor X superpower, schedule some time with me here:

I’ll help you move into the X-Mansion…

Bob Hiler