Three “Red Flags” That Your Google Ad Campaign Is Ruining Your Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Your Legal Happiness

I have a confession.

When lawyers shows me their existing Google Ad campaigns, I often have to smother a gasp.

That’s because I’ll instantly notice some major “red flags” indicating that the ad campaign is ruining that lawyer’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of their legal happiness.

Without further ado, here’s a short list of the top three red flags that I see:

Red Flag #1: You’re bidding on vague keywords like “lawyer”

Let’s say you want more car accident cases. You should bid on a keyword like: “car accident attorney.”

If you want more slip-and-fall cases, bid on “slip and fall lawyer”.

Et cetera.

Don’t bid on “lawyer” or “attorney”. Even if that generates good cases (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), you end up spending half your day talking to randoms with weak cases in areas you don’t practice in.

Bidding on too-vague keywords is a huge red flag.

Red Flag #2: You’re buying an ad that sends traffic to a page that doesn’t match the ad

Let’s say you bid on “car accident attorney”. When prospects click on the ad, they should be taken to a page that’s about how you’re an awesome attorney for people who have been in a car accident.

Prospects should NOT be taken to a page about how awesome you are in general…

Or a page about how you’re great at medical malpractice cases…

Et cetera.

That’s another red flag.

Red Flag #3: You’re sending traffic to your site’s home page

Buying ads that go to your site’s home page almost never makes sense.

Remember, you want to send prospects to a page that keeps the promise made by the ad they just clicked on. And that’s never your vague home page.

If a Google ad campaign sends traffic to the front page, that’s a major red flag…


Wow, as I write this, I realize that I could go on and on, but let’s stop at three red flags for now.

If you recognize any of these red flags, you’re just a few tweaks away from getting a lot more leads from your legal marketing. Schedule a free “strategy session” with me here and I’ll explain what you could be doing instead:

Bob Hiler