“This Is What I Call a Target Rich Environment”

I read the other day that they’re going to be making Top Gun 2.

I’m half excited that both Maverick and Iceman have committed to the movie, and half scared that they’ll make a lame sequel.

Anyway, this news got me thinking about Top Gun again, and those amazing dogfights where the pilots all tried to get “missile lock” on each other. And THAT reminded me about a new kind of ad that “missile locks” onto its target until prospects become leads.

It’s called “retargeting,” and it’s something every law practice should be doing.

Here’s how it works.First, let’s say you buy a bunch of clicks from Google AdWords. Now, a click isn’t guaranteed to turn into a lead… So even if you convert 20% of your clicks into leads, that still means that 80% of your clicks are going to hit the dreaded “Back” button and leave your site.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “missile lock” those lookie-loo prospects and show them ads until they become leads?

That’s what “retargeting” is. (Some people call this “site retargeting” or “remarketing”. It’s all the same thing.)

In other words, retargeting lets you get “good missile tone” on the lookie-loos so you can sign them up when they’re finally ready. That’s how retargeting lets you get many times the number of leads that you could otherwise.

And THAT is what I call a target rich environment.

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Bob Hiler