How My “Piece Of Paper” Diet Gets Your Practice More Leads

I’m always amazed how simply measuring something leads to improving it.

Take the time that I wanted to lose some weight…

I took a piece of paper and taped it to my front door. I then weighed myself every morning and wrote my weight down on that piece of paper.

I live in a NYC apartment, so I walked by that door 20 times a day. Now, just walking by the door didn’t make the pounds magically melt off. But looking at that piece of paper helped me focus on the one metric I wanted to improve. And slowly and surely, I lost weight.

It turns out that when you measure something, you come to understand why that something goes up and down. And understanding something means you can control it. And controlling something means you can improve it.

I think of my “piece of paper” diet every time I think about helping lawyers use marketing to get more clients. That’s because you can actually follow my “piece of paper” diet to increase the number of leads you get.

The only trick is that you have to write the right number on your “piece of paper”.

Most lawyers don’t. Some lawyers track ad clicks. Others track pageviews on their website…

Sorry, but those are crazy metrics to obsess about.

To be fair, some lawyers do track online leads that happen when prospects fill out their contact forms… That’s a great start! But even that’s not the whole picture.

That’s because many prospects will ignore your contact form, and pick up the phone to call you instead. In fact, typically twice as many prospects will call you than fill out your contact form.

Only once you start writing down the number of leads each marketing initiative gets (INCLUDING phone calls) will you will understand why your leads goes up and down.

And once you understand THAT, you can make your leads go up!

Now, it’s a bit tricky to set up a system to track the number of phone calls that you get from (say) a particular Google ad. It’s not rocket science, although setting up a “dynamic call tracking” system probably isn’t why you hung your shingle to become a lawyer…

That’s why I’m here. If you want more leads for your practice, schedule a “strategy session” with me and I’ll explain the details:

Bob Hiler