How to get a ton of new leads for your law practice (and still be able to afford your bar dues)

Let me tell you a story.

My name is Bob Hiler, and last November, I was retained by a bankruptcy lawyer to get him clients using Google AdWords.

He’d spent $4,931.37 on Google in October, and didn’t have much to show for it.

He didn’t know exactly how many calls or emails his Google campaign had generated…

But he knew he was paying a lot and getting a little.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite easy to pay over $400 per lead to get Google to make your phone ring.

suggested bidTake a search like “bankruptcy lawyer.” Google warns us that the competition for ads on that search is “High.”

Google also helpfully “suggests” that we bid to pay $18.62 every time somebody clicks on your ad.

To be clear, Google isn’t saying that paying that much money will make your phone ring. Google is telling you that paying that much money will get prospects to click over to your page to see if maybe they want to call you. (And maybe they won’t.)

Now maybe the page that prospects will land on has been “optimized” to generate leads…

But the average lawyer’s “landing page” only converts visitors into leads less than five times out of a hundred.

That means the average lawyer has to pay for at least twenty clicks to generate a single lead.

And that’s how you can spend almost $5k and get almost nothing…

After he retained me, the first thing I did was to use some advanced techniques to lower the price we pay for each click. When I was done, he was paying almost three times less than he normally for clicks on searches on “bankruptcy lawyer.”

Next, I created a new “landing page” to convert more visitors to leads. I made a lot of little tweaks that had a big effect, like making sure the page looked great on mobile phones.

That new page converted 30 visitors out a hundred into leads. That’s over six times better than the average lawyer’s page.

In other words, he was paying three times less for clicks that generated six times more leads. And that’s how he ended up paying eighteen times less than he used to.

That means he now pays a lot less and generates a lot more leads. These days, he’s only spending $1,552 a month on Google ads to generate 92 leads a month.

This is more than a cost-savings story. He’s getting a lot more retainers too.

The average bankruptcy lawyer retains about one client for every eight leads. So he’s retaining an extra 11-12 extra cases a month.

And that translates into over $27,000 in extra revenue each month.

That’s a marketing ROI of 17.4 times. In other words, for every dollar he puts into Google AdWords, he earns $17.41 back.

If you’re interested in retaining me to generate a ton of leads for your practice, you may be interested in my unique method for proving myself with absolutely no risk to you…

I’m so confident that I can generate leads for your bankruptcy or family law practice that I’m willing to make an amazing free offer. If you qualify, I will do three things for you ALL FOR FREE.

  1. I will set up a Google AdWords campaign for your practice. All this will be absolutely free. Since I already have a successful ad campaign template, this campaign is sure to work. And it will take me just a day to get your campaign ready to generate leads…
  2. I will tweak that ad campaign for the particulars of your practice. Again, this is 100% free. And it will take less than an hour of your time to review…
  3. I will pay Google for clicks on your ad campaign until you get at least three solid leads for which you pay nothing.

So, am I crazy to make an offer like this?

Maybe I am.

But I want to show you how I can generate good leads for your practice, without you risking a single cent. And because I can generate good leads so cheaply, it’s not going to cost me a fortune to prove myself by generating those leads for you…

My gamble is that once you see how effectively I can generate leads, you’ll hire me to generate loads of leads for your practice.

But if you want to grab the lion’s share of leads in your area, then get a hold of me today. Unfortunately, we only take ONE lawyer per city, since we don’t want our clients to “compete” with each other. The sooner you reach out, the more likely your “slot” will still be available. It’s strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis…

The best way for us to connect is for you to sign up for my no-cost daily email with marketing tips for bankruptcy and family lawyers.

You’ll get your first email right away. To contact me, you can just reply to that email. Tell me you’re interested in getting your free three leads, and I’ll reply back to you ASAP.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Bob Hiler